Exposure Fine Art Gallery

Open Today from 2:00 - 6:00

In The Gallery

We are currently featuring artwork from Tom Suhler's Foreign Worlds exhibit. The exhibit explores borderless worlds where identity is independent of appearance. The exhibit leads you into the characters' worlds through photographs and interactive works.

Interactive Art: There several types of interactive pieces for you to engage:

Dynamic Perspective Wall Art - Some selected works are designed to be touched and rotated. As your perspective of the imagery changes so may its meanings.

Exploring Color and Character Relationships (The Art Action App) This app leads you through how color impacts what you feel and see. You select an image and the apply the colors of your choice to the different characters in the scene. You can then print your customized image. You are entitled to one free print per visit to the gallery.

Art Action - Foreign Worlds This app draws you into the worlds of the characters in the Foreign Worlds Exhibit. By applying effects to a device's camera, you get to see how the world around you appears through their eyes. You can send yourself images and selfies that you create through the variety of special effects that you apply.

We also have a number of works from his (e)Motion, Winding Creek, & Smoke collections. There is a wide range of pieces available for purchase from small digital prints to select limited edition giclées.

Tom Suhler's Fine Art website.