Exposure Fine Art Gallery

Art Premiere & Cocktail Party

"Narratives in the Clouds and Surreal Fractured Space"

We are celebrating opening night of Narratives in the Clouds and Surreal Fractured Space with an Austin casual cocktail party September 27th at 7:00 PM at Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio. The exhibit continues the following Saturday September 28th from 1:00PM to 6:00PM.

This show features new works from Tom Suhler's evolving production now entering its third year.

"This current production keeps growing and generating different genres," Suhler explained. "What started as an exploration of life in the clouds has led to collections inspired by Plato's Symposium and by Marcos Vitruvius' proportions of the human body which inspired da Vinci."

In April the production took another unexpected turn when he was hit with an idea of how he could continue creating narratives but in a fractured surreal space. The idea was inspired by particle physics, string theory, the nature of consciousness, and more.

Suhler collaborates with members of Austin's elite dance community as the dancers assume character roles in his single-image narratives.

"Dancers are great artists to work with in creating still narratives," Suhler said. "In dance, they portray characters while expressing ideas and emotions through movement and form -- that's exactly what we are striving for."

All the photographs are created on set without the use of Photoshop or other digital manipulation software.

This will be the final show in Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio at its current location. Come help us celebrate as we move from our home for the last 7 years. Exposure will be relocating to a yet to be determined location.

Date & Time:

Friday September 27, 2019 Time: 7:00PM – Midnight


Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio

777 Shady Lane #8; Austin, Texas 78702

Near the intersection of East 7th & Shady Lane

Admission: Free

Exhibit Continues:

September 28 Time: 1:00PM – 6:00PM

Sponsored in part by:

Uncle Billy's Canned Craft Cocktails

Uncle Billy's Canned Craft Cocktails

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